New Online Casino 2022

In the United Kingdom, the birth of online casinos can be traced back to 2005 and the introduction of the high-profile Gambling Bill. The new laws opened the gates for new casino sites to flourish. In a little over a decade, we’ve come a long, long way in this industry, and new casinos in the UK are cropping up so frequently I thought it was about time we took stock of these newcomers and came up with a list of the best new online casinos in 2022.

This page not only covers the newest and most head-turning rookies on the UK scene, but I’ll also guide you through the associated bonuses, the newest casino games and live dealer suites and touch upon where I think the industry is heading as a whole. There are pros and cons to choosing innovation over established brands and reputations in any industry, but the UK casino market is moving fast, and there are some advantages of being ahead of the curve. Our answers to common questions from readers and frequent players will help you identify potential caveats and how to navigate around them when it comes to searching for the best new casino site. Take a look at which inquiries trouble new casino fans the most with our frequently asked questions section, which includes info on spotting scams, understanding complicated bonus conditions, and checking for valid operator licences.

5 Key Reasons to Check New Online Casinos in 2022

With so many new casino sites entering the market, it’s essential to learn to be able to distinguish the good newcomers from the bad ones. With fast-moving markets such as this one, it’s common to have a kind of bandwagon effect. Online casinos became so popular so fast, that everyone wants a piece of the pie. The problem is, not every operator is worthy of their seat at the table, but here’s what you should check when you’re on the prowl for the latest online casino that ticks all your personal preference boxes.

The newest casino sites tend to add games more frequently than the more established brands that have their game libraries and software developer relationships set in stone. The big advantage of a high turnover of games is that newer titles are more innovative, varied and creative. A healthy supply of new games is a big weapon for new operators. The younger operators on the scene are not only launching with the freshest game libraries out there today, but they are quick to respond to new titles as well. A young software developer such as Felt – established in 2013 and producing slick, stylish new blackjack and roulette games – is simply not picked up by the established old guard. New online casino sites are much more likely to take a gamble on these indie devs, and we’re starting to see this paying off. The new kids on the block today look more exciting, more diverse and have really shaken up the scene. They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but the old online casinos are going to have to learn fast or face being left behind.

No Deposit Bonus 2022

Winning is a fickle thing, by the sole nature of the game. Every casino worth its salt will have its random generator software calibrated to be fair and, indeed, random – which means that there’s no real way for you to predict when you might win. Rough patches of losses may alternate with wins at a varied frequency, depending on the game type and even title. For instance, some online slots games can have high volatility, meaning there are rare but big outbursts of wins, while games like roulette tend to play a bit more steadily. At the same time, the RTP – return to player – percentage can be a good initial indicator of how much of your wagered cash you can expect to see return to your pocket after playing.

Whereas long-standing operators tend to offer a match percentage on your first deposit, newer operators often get a little more creative with their promotional packages. The 100% match deposit with a 15x – 35x playthrough requirement became industry standard quickly in this game. The so-called arms race to offer the highest total bonus amount has since spiralled out of control, with some operators offering more than a grand in extras just to entice new sign-ups. Today, the newest online casinos entering the market are understandably sceptical about getting involved in this fight and are coming up with more creative solutions. Weekly promotions, gamified rewards, and tailored offers feel more bespoke than a lump sum of inaccessible bonus cash and I like where this side of the industry is heading.

If the welcome bonus is too much of a commitment for you, there are other rewards at new casino sites that you can take advantage of. Take, for example, the no deposit bonus. Offered at various (though not all) gambling sites, this is a no-strings-attached reward you’ll get simply for signing up to become a member. Compared to a full-on welcome bonus, a no-deposit offer is typically somewhat smaller. However, there may ever so often come crop up no-deposit rewards that surpass the expected limit. Take, for example, the no-deposit offer at 888casino, where this offer comes in the form of game credits and can reach double or triple digits.

Of course, as with many types of casino bonuses, there will be conditions to satisfy even with the no deposit bonus – from playthrough requirements to validity and beyond. These are usually different from the general welcome bonus conditions – since you’re dealing with a different bonus, of course. Always keep an eye on the T&Cs to gain the full scope of what you’re getting into before you click the accept button.