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If you try your luck in online casinos, you always hope for a bigger win. The probability of at least one win at all is higher, even if the payout ratio is correspondingly high. Payout percentages vary from game to game in casinos. While in real casinos one speaks of the so-called house advantage for games like roulette and blackjack, in electronic games like slot machines one always uses the payout ratio to help. This indicates how much of the money placed will be paid out on average again. Since every casino and online casino want to earn something, the payout percentages are always below 100 percent. The lower limit is usually 90 percent.

Payout ratios in online casinos

Land-based casinos and game stores must comply with legal requirements regarding the payout ratio of slot machines and similar games. This is not the case on the Internet. Since most online casinos operate from countries like Gibraltar or Malta, they have a different right than real casinos in Germany. Most online casinos can determine themselves how high or low they set the payout ratio. Since the payout ratio is a very important criterion for evaluating an online casino, most try to push the limit of the profit limit. So you are not only one of online casinos with the best chance of winning, you have a big advantage over land-based casinos.

Are the payout percentages really that important for a player?

After the long explanations, many players are probably wondering whether you notice the different payout ratios at all or whether this has a noticeable effect on your own balance. Answering this question is not that easy. In the short term, it is also possible to win a slot machine, even if the casino always wins on average. But one can say with certainty that with higher odds you have more fun playing. Because in the long term, a odds difference of more than 3 percent will be noticeable among frequent players.

However, it is also a fact that the quotas of providers on the Internet are now extremely low. Most online casinos are so close, at least as far as the payout ratio is concerned, that there are hardly any major differences. The slot machines from different manufacturers or developers have minimal differences, but these are usually not even noticeable in the long term. However, as a frequent player you should definitely pay attention to the odds. You can unconsciously end up at a provider or at a slot machine that has a bigger difference. For frequent gamers, this can be clearly noticeable in the long run. Leisure gamers who go to the casino or visit an online casino once a month do not have to pay as much attention to this.

How can you check the payout ratio yourself?

The player personally cannot determine and cannot check the payout ratio of a slot machine. However, monthly statistics for each casino can be requested from the independent testing agency TST (Technical Systems Testing). TST is part of the GLI Company (Gaming Laboratories International), which specializes in reconciling the player-casino relationship. You are committed to ensuring that the game has a good chance of winning, but that the casino also receives its part for hosting games of chance.

The company has been operating in this market since 1993 and knows what is important. TST has been part of GLI since 2010 and since then its capacities and global reach have increased enormously. The company keeps an eye on the slot machines in iGaming casinos and is in direct contact with the software developers. Because even if the payout ratio depends on the setting of the casino, a possible house edge is already integrated in the development of the slot machine. Incidentally, TST is not only responsible for slot machines, but also for other games such as keno or bingo. Online casinos with a certificate from TST or GLI are considered very serious.